Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Pressure of Discovery

Each form of  life has its own beat.
Watching birds in flight I almost soar with them.
As my cat stretches it calms me.
 Through our yard, a mongoose scurries
 my eyes hurry
to follow him disappear

Under the pressure of discovery his beat must be quick
as the cat peers after him lazily
his  languid fur  ruffles in the breeze.

This escape into their rythms becomes the
very substance of living.

The peace of dawn, or a sunset three steps from the freeway.

A dove flaps up to nestle beneath the rattling traffic.

Suzanne Delaney


  1. Imagination is important for a writer but perhaps more important is observation which you demonstrate here. When you combine the two all things are possible. Thank you for your visit to me.

  2. Each form of life has its own beat.

    ...nicely put with good observations.